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29 May, 2010 6:21 01 America/Chicago

Reality is at it again!

Reality is biting me in the butt again. Got some important errands to run involving an actual court date (and not just a fictional comic one), so updates will slow until I've gotten everything together. Hopefully this will be the last one for a long time.


07 May, 2010 21:32 29 America/Chicago


New side comic located here:


This new comic, GG, is mostly going to take a back seat to Kamikaze! Komics, and is just a fun, little distraction for when I feel like talking about the latest media and/or being lazy. I'm really excited to be getting back to work on K! Komics, though. Pages four and five are especially [spoilers redacted]rpants!


23 Apr, 2010 6:47 23 America/Chicago


Let me know what you think! Presently the aim is to update once a week, to make room for developing my talents as well as life management. Stupid life. What's it ever done for me lately, eh?

Don't forget to check out my buddies' comics, Promethius and The Dementia of Magic!

Special thanks go to Nicholas K. for the inspiration to start a comic in the first place, to Michelle J., Heidi S., and Elizabeth for their artistic input, and to Kim G. and Danielle D. for proof-reading. You guys each get three and a half thumbs up and a gold star!


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